Wealth Management

Wealth management is a comprehensive financial advisory service that combines financial planning, investment management, tax planning, estate planning, and other financial services to help individuals and families grow, protect, and manage their wealth. Wealth management is typically provided by financial professionals known as wealth managers or financial advisors.

Why choose Cloudtal as your trusted Wealth Management team?

We could tell you how we’ve spent more than a decade pulling up our bootstraps to work for thousands of businesses closing sales, but that would be so cliché.

Join forces with one of the best Wealth Management

Wealth management is particularly beneficial for individuals with significant assets and complex financial situations, but it can be valuable for anyone seeking comprehensive financial guidance and planning. It aims to provide a roadmap for building and preserving wealth over the long term.

A Built-In Management Layer

There won't just be an outsourced salesperson working for you. We provide you with a Consultant and a Project Manager to drive your overall sales strategy and execution, so you can focus on what you do best.

Experienced Sales Reps

Every salesperson has gone through rigorous training to make sure they know how to effectively close deals on our client’s behalf. That way, we help you build strong relationships with your prospects and close sales.

A Proven Sales Process

For over 16 years, we’ve prided ourselves on creating a sales process that’s flexible enough to integrate with any unique business vertical. We blend your industry's best practices with effective sales workflow to help you close the biggest deals.

Instead, we’ll tell you how we’ve approached our client projects from day one:


We work straight out of your CRM so you can see our progress live. Your Consultant and Project Manager will also meet with you biweekly to discuss your project and make sure we exceed your expectations.


We’ve seen other sales partners use one fill-in-the-blanks sales script to create every client sales pitch. As a result, these scripts are impersonal and, frankly, ineffective. Over the years, we’ve developed a proven sales strategy that can adapt to any business — no cookie-cutter sales script needed!


Our flexible monthly contracts allow you to scale your project up or down depending on your current needs with minimal ramp time needed. We can even provide support for other core business functions.

Benefits of using Wealth Management team

Reduced risks
Increased ROI
Shorter sales cycle

Building an in-house sales team takes a huge gamble. You spend months vetting each candidate, creating a standardized sales process, and figuring out how to retain your current sales rep. Instead of stressing over how to build an effective sales team, many businesses choose to outsource instead.

Some major benefits include:

Reduced risks

When you partner with us, we shoulder the burden of hiring a full-time employee — such as onboarding, paying for benefits, and providing appropriate technology. Let us take care of your sales team so you can worry about your business.

Increased ROI

Our business partners benefit from lower costs and ramp time — which means they’ll see an acceleration in their sales goal in a matter of weeks. We work closely with you to close the gap between you and your prospects.

Shorter sales cycle

Our salespeople are trained to communicate effectively with different decision makers. By balancing the delicate balance between persistence and pushiness, we’re able to break through and help our clients close deals.

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